The Extended Lunch Break Home

Okay, so Brian and I take our lunch break today and head to Chick-fil-a for some super-good food (we hadn't been there since last week, which is a crime at TYS). After a quick meal, we decide to make good use of the half-hour we have left and do a bit of off-roadin' in meez Tahoe. See, there's this great place to 4-wheel right down the street from the office, so we had no choice but to make every minute count! There's this one particular area that is pretty tricky to cross (last time the black beauty found her frame buried and had to be rescued via shovel and tow vehicle), but after investigation upon foot, we decided to press forward; which proved to be successful. The return path, however, was not such a success. Yes folks, the mud and ruts took their toll, and the faithful Tahoe got a bit stuck, you might say. After about a 30 minutes of digging, some strategic placement of rocks, sticks, and a board (and some mad skills behind the wheel :) - we were free! Although a bit late back to work, we managed to keep our jobs and lived the rest of the day happily ever after.

If you've never had the wonderful experience of going "off-roadin'," you're missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a complete redneck to participate in such an activity. For example, I was sportin' dress shoes, some Gap khakis and a Polo shirt today while in the woods. So I guess because of that, I'm not considered a hick. Hmm, maybe I'm just a redneck that doesn't wear camo pants and a wife-beater all the time?? ...I dunno

Lesson of the day: Find someone with a 4x4 and go play in some mud!

moving along all happy

Still moving a long pretty happy like

uh, not moving so swift now

me walking around in the mud in the dress clothes I washed this morning...oops

Brian and the liberated vehicle

©2005 Zachary Childers