England Missions Trip Home

a long night a mime on the street a new family member - praise the lord a pre-show game a rose between two thorns a school classroom
a self-photo of 4 people crammed in the back of a compact car a taxi to the crown plaza hotel a tour of hartlepool arrival in london ashley & trevor at evening service ashley and michael with local lads and lasses
ashley, jonathan, brian, etc ashley, trevor & michael jackson beautiful ladies becky & ashley with friends big ben brian, becky & michelle, tired
brierton students at assembly buddies business man dinner at the rain forest cafe 1 dinner at the rain forest cafe 2 dinner at the rain forest cafe 3
dont go past this gate during the game emily, ashley, michael england exchanging currency factories on the north sea & zachs shadow
fellowship after evening church fun times gates & landscaping at buckingham palace group waiting in london airport he doesn't even have a gun in front of st. paul statue
jonathan & zach jonathan, paul & joshua kerri grew in england lauren's perfect match london baggage claim londonian architecture at its finest
lunch time fellowship lunch with michael jackson & host michael confessing loss of passport michael, joy, michelle, and zach having tea michelle & zach outside a real train station on steps of st. pauls cathedral
on subway train on train our new sisters in christ preparation for school assembly preparation for wednesday night at oxford road baptist church put your hands up for jesus
red coat with buffalo hat sad goodbyes shopping in london small group discussions team 1 at brierton school team 1 at oxford road baptist chuch in hartlepool
the 750+ year old york minster the american bowling team the childers the goodbye party the mission team the rev. michael jackson
the shambles in york the team in york with paul the team touring york the trevor startt fanclub the zach chillders fanclub tower bridge
train station trevor visiting starbucks in york trevor, zach, becky, and lauren exhausted after teaching one class waiting for red bus walking across the york minster watch out for foot & mouth
where's becky worship york city gates zach & a friend zach & gordon zach & joshua in airport
zach & michelle in front of buckingham palace zach and his long lost english brothers at the north sea zach enjoying coffee at starbucks in york zach looking at pictures after first day of school zach sharing testimony zach teaching the works of jesus
zach, michael, the computer & the camera zach, michelle, becky


©2004 Zachary Childers