Business Trip / 4-wheeling Home
September, 2005

Dad and I were back in Nashville on Thursday and Friday for an "ISL" meeting - an HVAC association meeting at which we did some selling and got to chat with some of our current clients. There was a batting cage at the hotel, which we played with a little during a break...very fun.

I purchased another four-wheeler this week - a Yamaha Grizzly 660 4x4. This one has a lot more features, and is a little bigger than my other one, so that means that the "red beauty" is up for sale. Brian, Josue' and I took 'em up north, rode a bit, did a little camping action and had a blast.

My fam and the Nelsons rode bikes at the Silver Comet trail today, which was very enjoyable...the weather was beautiful!

No pics from Sunday School this morning, but it went great! About 20 wonderful middle schoolers are coming these days, and we're having a blast. God is good.

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